Friday, May 27, 2011

Sprocket Pillow

Here is Andrew's new pillow! He was able to pick out all of his fabrics (just like me he had a tough time narrowing down his choices, too many beautiful fabrics to pick from. Guess we will have to make more huh!), he helped me arrange the fabric, stuff the pillow and sew on the button! He was so excited about his pillow he tossed aside his regular pillow for bedtime and slept on his new one!

I have to admit, I was a little worried about how this pillow was going to turn out. First off it is only my second pillow I have ever made and second, it was a round pillow. For some reason I thought round pillows were supposed to be really difficult, but it was pretty easy. I will add that the points of the pillow didn't match up that great in the center but the button hides that area really well.

If you are looking for a fun and easy project try out this pillow. I am so excited about it! I actually started making another one last night.... Stay tuned!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden update

As many of you know this is my first year I have ever done a garden. I have had the garden in full swing for about a month now and I am loving it! It is a lot of work but if you keep up the weeds (which holy cow, they come up fast), it isn't to bad. My favorite part is going out to the garden everyday with Andrew and seeing how our vegetables are coming along and how they have grown! He saw our peas tonight and he said "WOW, are those the peas? Those peas are getting huuuge!" I love seeing him get just as excited about the vegetables as I do. In my garden I have lettuce, onion, sugar snap peas, sweet pepper, cucumber, roma tomatoes, better boy tomatoes, basil, mint (Thanks Eric, it is looking awesome and I can't wait to make some mint syrup!), chives, cilantro, oregano and a blueberry bush (Thanks Mom! It's not looking as sad anymore). Hope you enjoy my updated garden pictures (please pay no attention to the weeds we just got back from a weekend away for work and I didn't get a chance to pull before I took the pictures :) ) !!

 Full view of garden!




 Herb pots

 Sugar Snap Peas




 Better boy tomatoes

 Roma tomatoes

 Blueberry bush

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Pillow

My crafting hobby has been taken one step further. I have purchased a sewing machine! I have been playing around making some bags and some cloth napkins. And tonight I took the next step and made a  pillow.  It was super easy. Prep work took a while, but once you have your fabric and felt cut to size it goes pretty fast.

Working on the pillow!

My crafting buddy! He loves hanging out with me while I sew or craft. 

Here's the finished pillow. I am really excited how it turned out. Right when Andrew saw it he said, "Ohhh is this my pillow! It is really soft!" I told him this pillow will be going on our new deck which is about half way finished, and his pillow is next. He is getting what is called a sprocket pillow. We went to Joann's and he got to pick out all of his fabric. Can't wait to start our next project together!