Friday, April 29, 2011

My first garden!

I did it, I have started my first garden. The rain has finally ended so I could get our yummy veggies planted, and the best part is Andrew loves to help in the garden! We have talked about doing a garden for a while now and it has become our special spring/summer project together! So far I have planted onions, sugar snap peas ( so excited for these to come in!), lettuce and spinach. More to come very soon! 

Planting our peas! I have to add that the gloves Andrew is wearing were the highlight of his Easter basket!  I think this garden is going to get him and I to eat more vegetables. Everything tastes better coming from a garden rather than the grocery store right!?

My other project was lifting all of our paver stones and moving them somewhere new so we can start our new deck. Every stone we lifted there was a new wiggly, crawling surprise. Ants, fire ants, worms and grubs! 

And who doesn't love to climb to a tree! We don't have many trees to climb in our yard, so... 

He needed a little help from Grandma to get all the way up. I am surprised this turned out, we were laughing so hard I could barely take the picture! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Coloring Eggs

Our yearly tradition is here! Every year before Easter I always take Andrew to his Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house to color eggs for the Easter bunny to hide. He gets so excited every year, but I think his Great Grandparents get a bigger kick out of being around him and seeing him having fun! I really cherish these moments he has with his Grandma and Papa and the memories he is making with them! Can't wait for the big farm egg hunt, Please let the rain stay away!

While at the farm we also had to play with the kitties, Daisy and Dusty! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pea and Prosciutto Ravioli

I tried a new recipe tonight for dinner and I had to share it! Not many ingredients and very easy to make.
I got two thumbs up from Brian, two thumbs half way up from Andrew and a definite 2 thumbs up from me. Hope you all enjoy!

Pea and Prosciutto Ravioli

4 oz. Prosciutto, chopped
2 Tbs. olive oil
Garlic to taste
1 Tbs. tomato paste
1/4 heavy cream
9 oz. bertolli ravioli
1 cup frozen peas
Grated Parmesan

Cook 4 oz. chopped prosciutto in a skillet with 2 Tbs. olive oil over medium heat until crisp, about 4 minutes. Stir in garlic and 1 Tbs. tomato paste, cook 1 minute. Ladle in 1 cup pasta-cooking water and simmer until reduced by half, about 4 minutes. Add 1/4 cup heavy cream and simmer until thickened, 3 minutes. Toss with cooked ravioli and 1 cup frozen peas. Top with grated parmesan. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stupendous Man

Do you remember the comic Calvin and Hobbes? Stupendous man is one of Calvin's alter ego's. Andrew loves to read and one of his favorite go to books is of course, Calvin and Hobbes. For the last month or so Andrew has been asking me to make him a superhero cape, he wanted to be just like stupendous man! I did my research on the internet to try and find a somewhat easy plan for a superhero cape. Easier said than done. But, I finally found a good one. So, off we went to Joann Fabrics after school yesterday so my superhero could pick out his fabric and went to Grandma's to use her sewing machine. Paging Stupendous Man, Paging Stupendous Man... I put the cape on him and he started flying off in his cape right away!

Stupendous Man was bummed he couldn't fly outside since it was raining out today. So, instead.....

We flew inside! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Latest craft!

I am so excited about this craft that I found. I thought this necklace looked super cute and I had to try and make it! I think it turned out pretty good.

Check out the blog where I found how to make this... really easy to make. I might have to go back to the craft store to get more colors of fabric! 

Let me know if any of you try to make this as well. I would love to see it!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Inner Martha!

Since I have started thinking about starting my own blog I thought I would start checking out other blogs, mostly craft blogs. I got the craft bug really quick seeing all of the cute ideas. I am now trying to channel my inner Martha Stewart. I never really spent much time on crafts and if i did I didn't have much interest in them. Until now!

A few days ago, I got my list together, Andrew and I got in the car and started heading towards Joann Fabrics and Pat Catan's. Andrew was in heaven, he loved the craft stores! Who needs toys when you have felt, glue, scissors, paper and markers?!

My first project I saw was a Balloon wreath. It is super easy and super cute to make. All you need is a straw wreath (leave the plastic on so you don't have to worry about loose straw everywhere), floral pins and balloons. I will give you a head up, it took about 250 balloons to make this wreath. Really cute though right?!  Perfect for every kids birthday party!

Here is the link if you want to try it for your kids birthday!

On the same blog I found another craft for felt pom pom flower thingamabbobs. Love the name! :) These were meant to be made and put on a wreath project (which i will be doing soon, very excited!), but instead I put a pin back on them and made a flower pin! A little secret.... a may be making one of these of all of the girls in my family to wear on Easter! Here is the link if you want to try this craft,

While I was feeling crafty I thought I would do one more that day. I decorated egg shells! Before you start drawing poke a hole in each end of the egg, one hole a little bigger than the other and blow the whites and yolk out of the egg. I want to use these every year as a decoration and I don't want a rotten egg. I will warn you it is not easy to blow the egg out. You may need some help as I asked my husband to help me. It looks weird and is kind of gross, but end result is really neat!

On the blog where I found this idea the woman used a black sharpie on hers, but I wanted to add color to mine. Either way looks really cool! Hope you enjoy these crafts, if you make these let me know I would love to see how yours turned out too! More fun crafts to come as I continue to channel my inner Martha Stewart! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So, here we go! I am new to the blogging world but am excited to get started!

This blog is my way of sharing the special moments in my life as a mom, wife and business owner. It will also be a fun way for me to connect with other mom's, share simple crafts, recipes and record my journey on my way to running a 5K. My goal is to run a 5K by October!

Come join me as I make my way through the blogging world!