Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Update #3

I have veggies! I am so excited with how successful I am with my first garden. And the best part, Andrew and I are eating more vegetables! He loves going out to the garden with me to see how everything is growing and while we are out there he will ask, "Mom, can I eat some of the spinach?". Absolutely buddy, have as much spinach as you want! I love it! All of the vegetables I have planted are all up and almost ready to eat except for my better boy tomatoes. Nothing on those plants yet. Although, I am sure they will be up soon enough and will have more than I need. We have 8 tomato plants (4 roma, 4 better boy), anyone want some when they come in?!


Sugar Snap Peas! Can't even tell you how excited we are about these little guys! Yummy!


Teeny, tiny pepper coming!

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